Narwal Freo X Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, 8200Pa Robot Mop & Vacuum, Auto Mop Drying/Washing, Self-Empty, Zero-Tangling, DirtSenseā„¢, Maintenance-Free Base Station, Self-Contained Dust Processing

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Color: White


  • šŸŸ£ Exceptional power. Minimal maintenance - Experience the ultimate hands-free cleaning with Freo X Ultra, the intelligent robot vacuum and mop combo. Featuring revolutionary vacuum and mopping technology, it's the perfect companion for pet owners and families with kids. Get spotless floors without lifting a finger from now on.
  • šŸŸ£ 8,200 Pa Suction for a Deeper Clean - Donā€™t sacrifice cleanliness for convenience. Freo X Ultra is a robot vacuum with suction so powerful it leaves hard floors and carpets spotless. Chips, fur, cereal, dust, and debris donā€™t stand a chanceā€”even when buried in deep carpet.
  • šŸŸ£ Zero Tangling Brush - A revolutionary innovation that holds a conical cleaning brush on a single floating arm. Instead of getting trapped, hair and pet fur are passed directly into the dust bag. SGS and TƜV certified, Freo X Ultra has a 0% tangle rate with 99.5% of hair getting instantly removed.
  • šŸŸ£ Mops Until Shining - Patented Rouleaux robot mop heads leave no gaps and press down with 12N and spin at 180RPM to scrub away stubborn stains. It features AI DirtSense technology that knows when your floors are clean, and keeps scrubbing until they are. EdgeSwing Technology enables it to clean up to the edge and reach every corner of your house.
  • šŸŸ£ Maintenance-Free Docking Station - The included base station is a fully equipped hands-free maintenance center. It automatically washes, dries, and refills the mops with detergent and water. Then it cleans and dries itself and offers easy control of Freo X Ultraā€™s robot vacuum and mop functions.
  • šŸŸ£ Self-Contained Dust Processing - Ordinary robot cleaners self-empty their dust into their base stationā€”a noisy and messy process. Freo X Ultra has a built-in system that compresses the dust for 7 weeks of maintenance-free cleaning with a disposable dust bag for effortless and clean disposal (collecting into a standard dust bin is also available).
  • šŸŸ£ Tri-Laser Obstacle Avoidance - Paired with industry-leading mapping technology, Freo X Ultra avoids even small and low-lying objects thanks to millimeter-precision lasers. It uses side sensors to hug obstacles and clean up to the edge.

model number: YJCC015

Part Number: Freo X Ultra

Package Dimensions: 25.7 x 18.5 x 16.5 inches