dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, 8300Pa Suction, Mop Extend and Mop Self Cleaning with 140°F Water, Removable & Liftable Mop, Self Refilling, Mop Self Drying, Smart Carpet Cleaning

Sale price$599.99

Brand: dreame


  • Auto Maintenance Keeps You Hands-Free: The vacuum can empty its dustbin, refill water for mopping, and wash its mop and the washboard, ensuring continuous freshness and saving you time on cleaning.
  • MopExtend RoboSwing Technology to Glide Under Low Furniture: With our latest tech upgrade, it’s easy to handle mess along edges, deep in corners, and reach under your low-profile sofa as far as 1.57inches.
  • Mop Rewashing and Floor Remopping to Handle Stubborn Dirt: Smart dirt detection, mop rewashing, and floor remopping are here to scrub sticky dirt from floors twice, ensuring your mess-free home.
  • 8,300Pa Suction Power to Pick Up Heavy Mess: Get your carpet or hard floor a powerful sweep. Strong suction leaves no room for hair, dirt, and various of debris particles.
  • Personalized Cleaning for Your Carpet: Tired of frequent carpet cleaning? With a removable and liftable mop, you can select a strategy for low- to high-pile carpets, ensuring they stay dry and clean.
  • Auto-Cleaning Station Base: The washboard can be cleaned together with the mop washing, reducing stain residue and manual cleaning frequency.
  • AI Action and 3D Structured Light: X30 Ultra identifies and avoids up to 70+ types of objects* like shoes, cables, and others. With a built-in LED, your robot identifies obstacles and cleans efficiently in dim spaces and dark rooms. Experience detailed cleaning with top-notch features.

model number: RLX56CE

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 17.0 x 16.5 inches